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FREE phone call. Give us a call to discuss your situation & concerns. We've "been there" and "done that". We can help you take the confusion and overload of information out of your situation. We can discuss possible solutions that you can review and decide upon.
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1. Buy a Lead List - Ready To Go
Jump right in and start contacting your prospects TODAY! Our lead list is custom built to your specs (business type, area zipcode, income, credit rating, annual income and so on)
  • less than 7 days old
  • less than 30 days old
  • 1-3 months old
  • 3-6 months old
  • 6-12 months old
  • 1-2 years old
  • 2+ years old
Tell us what you want & start contacting your prospects immediately.
Pricing is based on the quantity and age of the leads you want to purchase.
2. RENT-A-TELEMARKETER - We'll Call Your Leads!
$1,500 (one-time fee)
Not sure if your own private telemarketer is right for you? You can RENT ours:
* Try before you buy
* You get to use our telemarketers
* You get to use your phone script
* You get to select your criteria: Age, Income, Zip, Area Code, State
* Data fields are: First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Age, Income
* You get 100% exclusive, private leads
* You get LIVE Phone Transfers
* You get the XLS spreadsheet of the calling list
* You get the spreadsheet of the calling results with the call recordings
* Use your XLS calling list for your own marketing
* You get 100% Full Credit if you upgrade to the Private Telemarketing System within 30 days
* 30 day management service
* Phone Dialer & CRM System fees not included
* Phone Agent fees not included
$3,500 (one-time fee)
Build your own private telemarketing system.

"Done for You".
We'll build your own exclusive lead generation system, train you how it works and give you all the support you need to move forward on your own.

Don't waste your time, money & frustration on buying leads. They've been sold over an over & you're the next sucker.

Instead, how would you like to pay $0.99 for LIVE Transfer leads?

Here's how;

You can easily grow your own HIGH QUALITY, FRESH and UNIQUE PRIVATE leads. Nobody else is talking to these people.

We'll set up your private telemarketing system AND train you for 30 days.

You'll get to see behind the curtain how everything is done. After 30 days your lead costs drop to next to nothing. All you'll need to do is to add more prospect leads and pay your dialer system & telemarketer.

Here's what you get in this package:
* We'll set up your accounts (dialer system, CRM, telemarketer)
* We'll find, hire & train your personal telemarketer
* We'll set up and configure your phone dialing system
* We'll show you how the built-in CRM system works
* We'll use your prospect criteria: area, income, age, credit score, etc
* We'll help you write effective telemarketing scripts
* We'll show you how to monitor call recordings to tweek your presentation
* We'll show you how to find more telemarketers
* We'll show you how to find more leads to dial
* You'll get DNC scrubbed phone lists
* You'll get unlimited phone dialing each month
* You'll get LIVE Transfer leads
* You'll get Instant email notification of new leads
* You'll get a full 30 days of training so you know how everything works
* 30 day management service
* Phone Dialer & CRM System fees not included
* Phone Agent fees not included

Take the hassle out of lead generation & focus on what you do best ... selling!
How to Build an Effective Private Telemarketing System
Want to Do-It-Yourself?
Here's how;

Here's what it takes to get started with your own Private Telemarketing System:
1. Get a phone dialing system with built in CRM
2. Get a phone dialing list of your prospective clients
3. Find, hire, train & manage a personal telemarketer person
LinkedIn & Social Media Leads
ACCOUNT SET-UP $4,500 (one-time fee)
Set up your account including initial interview, database, email, campaign messages, goals, qualifications and more.
You don't have to spend thousands of $$ every month. You just need to get your system designed and started. Once you're generating high quality leads you can adjust your plan up/down as you need it or as your budget requires.
The only difference between these plans is the amount of time we'll spend on the social media platform to get you going. LinkedIn, especially, needs more attention upfront to build your business connections network. Once you get going you can either scale back our services or take it over yourself. We'll show you how to do it.
Our goal is simply to get you to a place where you can consistently produce high quality sales leads for next to no money. You just have to get there first.
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