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Affiliate Program
Business Funding Affiliate Program
GET PAID by helping businesses get the money they need.

All you need to do is to get their bank statements and a simple one page loan application.

Send it to us and we'll do the rest & send you your commission check.

Business funding can occur in about a day & you'll get paid immediately.

With our online portal you'll know about your deals right away and you don't have to guess when you'll get paid.

Work from home. Part-time or Full-time. Use your computer, email & phone to contact small business owners and offer business funding options.

You can help these kind of businesses get funding:
★ Restaurants, Bars, Grills, Deli, Coffee Shops, Catering
★ Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
★ Trucking
★ Construction, Contractors
★ Medical, Dental
★ Manufacturing
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Business Funding Programs
You can make money with any of these business funding programs. Just reach out to the business owner & get his bank statements and one page application. We'll do the rest.

★ Revenue Based Loans
★ Start Up Loans (Unsecured)
★ Credit Card funding Starting at 0% Interest!
★ Start Up Credit Lines (Unsecured)
★ High Limit Credit Cards ($50k, $100k)
★ Unsecured Term Loans
★ Lines of Credit
★ Existing Business Line of Credit Programs
★ Merchant Cash Advances
★ Real Estate Funding Programs
★ SBA 7(a)
★ Equipment Financing and Leasing
★ Accounts Receivable Financing
★ Purchase Order Funding
★ Invoice Funding
★ Free Business + Personal Credit Monitoring
★ Energy Efficient Commercial Improvements
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