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The-Lead-Guy.com is the fastest & easiest way to get FRESH, HIGHLY QUALIFIED LEADS for your business. We've been around since 1992, providing the best sales leads possible.

Private Telemarketer:
We'll set up your very own telemarketing system. We'll start you off with 10,000 DNC scrubbed leads to call based on your custom criteria of age, income, FICO, area code, zip, state. Then we'll set you up with fantastic phone dialer system with a CRM. Next, we'll set you up with highly experienced telemarketers to make the calls for you. We'll train the telemarketer with your custom phone scripts. We'll also train you for a full 30 days so you know exactly how the system works. We'll show you how to find, hire and train your telemarketers, where and how to purchase more phone leads and how your phone dialer and CRM works. After 30 days you'll be the expert and your cost of getting high quality, 100% private & unique leads and live transfer leads will be incredibly low.

What we do:
We'll set up a customized lead generation program designed just for you. No canned, fit-in-the-box systems here. No sir. We start off by determining your perfect customer and where to find them. Next, we'll build a lead generation system to reach out to them. As they respond, we'll put them into your customized sales funnel. They'll be contacted several times and after each response we'll qualify them more and move them down the sales funnel. Eventually, they'll pop out to you as highly qualified and ready-to-buy sales leads. That's when you come in ... to close the sale!

How do you charge?
We charge you a monthly management fee to setup and manage your customized lead generation program. You'll get to see everything all the way through so eventually you can stop paying us and do it yourself. You'll have that knowledge anyway. Virtually all of our clients keep working with us. They have better things to do .... like run their business and close the sales. You can check out our Plans & Pricing here.

Are there contracts & minimums?
No and no. There are no long term contracts. No minimums. You can pay month-to-month and cancel anytime. You can also upgrade/downgrade your service plan depending on your needs.

Are there other fees or costs?
Just the hard expenses that you'd pay anyway. Things like prospect lists (usually around $0.10 - $0.20 per record ... which is a really easy way to get started). Other costs you would have is email campaign servers (MailChip, Constant Contact, SendInBlue, etc), phone call people, print/mail campaigns and things like that. We buy alot of high quality data so we can get you really good pricing for the prospect lists.

How do I get started?
Easy. Just sign up and you'll get instant access to our MEMBERS section. You can review our plans & pricing and select the one that best fits your needs. Sign-Up here.

Neighborhood Marketing:
We can target specific streets or neighborhoods for you. While everyone else can only give you an x-mile radius in a city, we can actually drill down to specific streets. Our real estate agent clients love this feature.

Target Marketing:
We can target specific groups of people or businesses to reach your exact customer, clients or patients. Our dental & medical clients love this feature.

Social Media Leads:
We can generate real sales leads from a multitude of social media platforms. Our business clients love this feature.

Multi-Touch Approach:
To generate the best, freshest & high quality leads in real-time we use a mult-touch approach which includes:
  • email campaign
  • print/mail campaign
  • social media campaign
  • direct phone call verifications
Imagine your prospect receiving your message from each of these types of media.

Our MARKETING TEAM dominates the Internet, Social Media & other resources so we can gather the best sales leads from all kinds of sources. They zero in on your perfect target customer.

Our PHONE VERIFICATION TEAM screens & qualifies every single lead so you can apply your specific filters and criteria to ensure you get the exact lead quality you're after.

Our SALES TEAM is authorized to get you started right away...with your budget...so you can start receiving the your quality leads and showing an immediate increase in your business.

Our SUPPORT TEAM is standing by...24-7-365...to assist you in any issue or request you have. Our programmers can integrate into any system you have...or deliver leads to you in any method you prefer.

We are an ALL AMERICAN company. Many of our phone agents are stay-at-home moms who are raising a family. They are grateful to make a great paycheck while at home....and are incredibly dedicated to us. All are highly professional and take pride in helping us build a fantastic company with super quality products & services.

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